Commuting from Langdon to Calgary

Trading in the bustle of the city for Langdon’s calm, relaxing atmosphere doesn’t mean compromise – even when it comes to your commute to work. Boulder Creek Estates residents have timed their commute to downtown Calgary as only 35 minutes, and only 45 minutes during rush hour. For those who live in the suburbs of the big city itself, this isn’t far from the norm.

Boulder Creek Residents have found that they actually enjoy their commute now. It provides some much needed personal time in their busy schedules where they can unwind.

“I commute to the heart of downtown each day, during rush hour, and it takes met he same amount of time to get there as my colleagues living in the new communities in the South and North ends of the city. Except I don’t sit in stop& go traffic which is always so exhausting, I actually get to move at a decent pace. I have excellent access into each zone of the city via 22x, Glenmore or 16th Ave, and the ring road has made the commute to other areas of the city even faster.” – Derek H.